Terms and Conditions

1- Service rules may change at any time, so users should read the rules page at least once.
2- All licenses provided by License boy are the same as the original version of the licenses and there is no difference.
Sales representatives:
3- Licenseboy representatives may not provide the licenses provided as original licenses. The above is the licenseboy service rules.
Support terms:
4- All servers that use the licenseboy license include license support, and any problems installing the license or other licensing issues are fully supported, such as support from companies such as cpanel and cloudlinix.
5- All submitted tickets will be answered in less than 2 hours, but for tickets that need further review, this time may take up to 24 hours.
Manipulation of license files:
6- Any changes to our files or any purpose for debugging the above server license will be blocked and none of them can be returned.
Refund for any reason:
7- If for any reason you need to return the payment, the setup fee will be deducted from your transaction amount and the return renewal fee will be charged.
8- Refunds will not be made if you have used the license for more than 30 days.
Renewal of services:
9- If you do not renew the license for 2 months, the above license will be removed altogether.
10- In case of delay in payment of the bill up to 7 days from the due date after payment of the service extension, the service start time will be calculated from the same date of payment.
License system:
11- The licenseboy license system is fully professionally and ideally programmed. And there are several ways to provide a license, which if any method is closed, another method will be replaced and not even 1% to worry about.
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