What has licenseboy provided for you?

Shared License Features


    Licenseboy has a completely intelligent system and installs a license on your server with only 1 command line ready.


    After paying the license bill, the license will be activated within 1 second.And you can install the license on your server within 15 seconds!


    All licenses offered by licenseboy are very cheap compared to the original licenses and have exactly the same features as the original license!

our LICENSE pricing plans

Softaculous License Pricing

Softaculous License
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asd CSP System
asd Setup Free / 0.90$ Monthly
asdas Support 24/7
Immediate delivery
One command installation
Free installation
3 Free ip changes




Our license system is completely secure and there is nothing to worry about. By installing our system, only your license files will be updated and no changes will be made to your information, and we do not even have access to it.

Yes sure. You can make any changes that are needed, such as hostname, nameserver, etc. on your server. There are no restrictions for you.

Yes sure. You can upgrade your virtualizor to the latest version without any problems.

That’s a very good question. Our license system is shared. That is, it installs an original license on multiple servers. That is why we say that our licenses are exactly the same as the original license and are no different from the original license.

No need. Our system is fully automatic. If a problem occurs, it will automatically reinstall the system.

Benefits of cheap licenses offered by licenseboy

If you need a Softaculous license, you can license for only 0.90$. A cheap license with no restrictions is waiting for you.

If you have a shared server, be sure to use Softaculous because it will allow your customers to install about 250 scripts with just one click.

You can change your IP license up to 3 times for free.

All licenses provided by licenseboy are installed on your server with just one command. If needed, our support are available to install the license on your server for free. For this, you need to send the login details to your server terminal to install.

All licenses provided by licenseboy have a 7day money back guarantee. If there is any problem with the license, your fee will be refunded if the problem is not resolved.